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All Under Control

All Under Control

Fast Forward International's new load restraint systems mean better-than-ever care of your cargo

At Fast Forward International we're always looking at ways to improve the service we offer, and our latest innovation is the fitment of roof-suspended cargo control systems to ensure the least risk of damage to your  freight.

Originally developed in Finland, the system consists of a high-strength sheet which is suspended from the roof when not in use and pulled down onto the cargo once the truck is loaded. 5-tonne rated ratchet straps are then used to secure the load both sideways and fore-and-aft resulting in the safest, most secure method of cargo restraint we have seen in use anywhere in the world.

The ability to adjust to height differences between pallets, and apply more or less tension depending on the nature of the goods, ensures the cargo arrives in the best possible condition regardless of the length of the journey involved.

 With half the fleet already equipped and a programme of retrofitting over the next 6 months, we are confident that our cargo care is the best in the business!

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