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Red noses and red faces!

Red noses and red faces!

The truck driver's face was a picture as the fork lift drove up to offload him...driven by Coco the clown - ever tried to explain Red Nose Day in Swiss-Deutsch?! Staff at Fast Forward dressed as celebs and cartoon characters to mark Comedy Relief's day of "do something funny for money" with the accounts department run by Britney and Dolly and the Operations desk under the care of Elvis and Fred Flintstone.

MD Ozzy Osbourne said "I'm very proud of the way everyone has entered into the spirit and raised more than just a few smiles". With Delia in charge of catering for the day (and with a sideline in extortion) staff raised just short of £300 which will go straight to help good causes. Coco's smile might have been painted on, but there were plenty other broad grins around!

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