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Glazed over!

Glazed over!

Dashwood House, a 1970's high-rise office block in London's financial quarter, has just completed a major facelift which has lasted two years - this is the first of two projects in which Fast Forward International's Project Manager, Mark Hannen, has played a key role.

Typical of the concrete-clad designs of the 60's and 70's, Dashwood was beginning to look dated as ever-more futuristic structures grew around it, but it is now enjoying a new lease of life having had two extra floors added and clad in special glass panelling, manufactured in Switzerland and delivered to site from our warehouse in Kent as the job progressed. Now looking as striking as the most modern developments in the City, this innovative building technique has involved thousands of tonnes of glass being transported as road freight from the factory in Switzerland and delivered in specific batches according to the day's needs, often using lorry-mounted cranes and other specialist vehicles.

Closely co-ordinated with our Swiss partners in Basel, the rejuvenation has been hailed an enormous success, the proof of this being two new projects due to start next year. For more information, have a look at

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