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City of London Spectacular!

City of London Spectacular!

In brilliant November sunshine which defied the forecasters, the Lord Mayor’s Show wound its way through the spectacular setting of London’s Square Mile. Stretching for over 3 kilometres and comprising around 300 motor vehicles and 8000 participants, the procession marks the inauguration of the City’s new Lord Mayor.

This celebration has taken place every year since Dick Whittington first made his way through the streets to pledge allegiance to the Crown in 1397, just over 300 years before even Britain’s oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame, began brewing ale in 1698. The theme of the show was ‘Serving the City’, and Shepherd Neame has done just that for generations. Built around one of our 13.6 metre trailers they constructed two pub scenes, the first representing the war years of 1939 – 45 complete with Pearly Kings & Queens leading a singalong of wartime songs. The second depicted today’s pub, with Chef providing tempting fresh food and the bow-tied barman mixing cocktails for a younger clientele.

Although many months in planning, the float was built in less than a week. Following the inevitable lengthy security checks on Friday, the crew were to be found putting the finishing touches early on Saturday morning, with many compliments coming from other participants. Without a doubt, the float was one of the favourites with the tens of thousands of spectators lining the route many of whom joined the singalong enthusiastically, and there was more than one request for a sample from the bar! Most importantly of all, our customer was delighted with the positive exposure their brand was given at this prestigious event, and are already talking about next year’s show. For more information on the show itself, visit the website at

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