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More freight on the railways?

More freight on the railways?

Turning the clock even further back than Colin can remember, this pic comes from a collection of glass slides (part of the Fast Forward Heritage Collection of Things That Might Come In Useful One Day) taken in the north-east of Scotland in the early 1900’s. No, it’s not an early attempt by the multi-modal brigade to put more freight on the rails, it actually shows one of the first skirmishes in the road vs rail Hundred Years War.

Whilst it’s obvious to any unbiased transport historian that the railway company has deliberately designed the bridge to be too weak, thus preventing the honest haulier from going about his lawful business, no doubt the Old Meldrum Gazette headline of the day read something like ‘Overloaded Juggernaut Causes Rail Chaos’, such was (and is) the level of propaganda circulated by the vested interests of the railway companies.

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