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MAN in drag

MAN in drag

In the world of logistics (a term that probably didn’t exist when this photo was taken) PoD’s are more commonly associated with the need to provide Proof of Delivery, but here’s a different sort – Santa Pod, the Bedfordshire capital of drag racing in the UK.

Back in 1980 they tried all sorts of odd events to draw the punters including this Run-What-Ya-Brung weekend, a mixture of dubious terminology and even more dubious trucks. The two contenders pictured here were the only ‘outside’ entries, the other two trucks competing were both ancient petrol-engined International Harvesters, blagged off the local US Air Force base.

These had been breathed on by the racetrack’s own spannermen, converted to run on alcohol (like most of the audience) and fired down the quarter mile before a wholly underwhelmed public. In the road legal diesel class the MAN pictured squaring up to our long-suffering Mack probably still holds the record for the standing quarter mile, at around a day and a half.

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