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Here’s a good place to start the ball rolling:

Here’s a good place to start the ball rolling:

1980, when the rather long-winded McKay Freight Transport Services (Fast Forward International’s granddaddy) came into being with the purchase of this 1976 Mack F type tractor unit. Prior to our ownership it was used on UK- Middle East haulage which was brought to an abrupt conclusion when it collided with a sleeping camel.

Impounded for a year, until the camel owner was compensated, it was ultimately repatriated although the flora and fauna which moved in was still in evidence some years later – half way up the M6 one night, something the size of a golf ball flew out of the heating vent and ricochet’d around the cab before escaping into the Cheshire countryside through an open window. American trucks were much more common on European roads way back then, with reliability and levels of horsepower unheard of in home-brewed kit. White, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Mack all had UK sales outlets, and the hurdles to importation were set lower with EU type approval still a twinkle in the eurocrat’s eye.

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