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Flying Teapot

Flying Teapot

Regular bloggers will have gathered that whilst our Fast Forward heads are firmly focussed on the future, our hearts look back on the past through solidly rose-tinted spectacles, if you’ll pardon the biological mix-up.

We love anything with wheels on, and if it’s ancient so much the better, which is why at weekends you’ll find us pretending to race old cars at circuits all over the country, and a few in Europe too. In any Men & Motors budget production of the world’s top 100 British motoring greats, the Jaguar Mk2 must surely come somewhere in the top five. Our car, known fondly as the ‘Teapot’ for reasons related to our MD’s mum’s collection of chinaware, is just such an icon.

Exported new to New York in 1961 as the final payment on a Liberty ship which is probably lying on it’s side in the Irish Sea, TSK330 was brought back home around 1990 and spent 10 years competing in historic rallies all over Europe, including the Monte Carlo, the Alpine and the Rome-Liege. After a decade of abuse, thoroughly knackered and with it’s suspension mounts above it’s ears, it was beaten more or less back into shape, given an engine and gearbox out of an E-type, and thrashed around Silverstone and the like by old men who ought to know better.

Historic racing is big business these days – if you’ve ever seen the annual Goodwood Revival you’ll understand – but at club level it’s still possible to have a lot of fun for (relatively) little cost. If you want to know more send a mail to and we’ll send you regular updates meaning you can follow us losing races all over Europe.

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